Amasenibo Blessing Ezekiel-Hart

RENAISSANCE, the mission to give our Bonny LGA a fresh start and new beginning with Amasenibo Blessing Ezekiel-hart.

By Wisdom Chapp-Jumbo.

Many of us from Bonny LGA in Rivers State are aware of how our dear kingdom is long over due for a fresh start with a leadership focused on the concerns and development of our people.

Our many problems has been traced to the greedy, selfish, obsolete and misplace priority leadership our LGA has suffered. Virtually all sectors of our kingdom has remained backward and stagnate for too long and over due for a change.

From security issues to education, agriculture, economy, employment and human capital development, all this can only experience change by a leadership with a chief executive that has a clear blueprint and achievable plan.

Why is Amasenibo Blessing Ezekiel-hart is right man for the job?

My engagements with Blessig Ezekiel-hart over the years since 2016 has been consistent on chanting a new course for Bonny. I can personally affirm to his drive and determination to set our dear kingdom on a new pace of prosperity.

As a people, we can choose an option of a new beginning or continue the recycling of same old league of leaders as chief executives. We will never get a new result by doing the same old things over and over again.

Blessing Ezekiel-Hart never been part of this old league of politicians, comes forward for the top job with a redefined hope for our people. Resourceful, vibrant and sound minded, he posess an intellectual capacity needed for the job as chief executive of our LGA.

At a time when you all will agree with me that we are witnessing a serious trust deficiency between the government and the people, we can only trust someone with some level of integrity, and an achievable action plan to bring prosperity for us all. TRUST, ACCOUNTABILITY and COMPETENCES should also be our focus.

The improvement of the well-being of our people is the ultimate objective of Amasenibo Blessing Ezekiel-hart. With a goal to endeavour to make accessible to a greater number of our people, the basic necessities of life. His pursuance of social and economic development shall mirror the values of equal opportunity and social security.

I also want to agree with agree with Amasenibo Blessing Ezekiel-hart on his view that over the years, our growth and economic stability have been pathetic, with no identifiable direction or focus. Thus, a land with huge opportunities is ironically host to thousands of unemployed persons, inadequate social amenities, anti-social activities, etc. These are the consequences of misplacement of priorities, incoherent policy thrust, insensitivity in the choice and implementation of programmes and projects, to the effect that human and material resources have been wrongly applied.

Amasenibo Blessing Ezekiel-hart comes forward for the top job with a VISION to build a Local Government Area that is safe, economically stable, environmentally conducive and socio-culturally just that encourages the pursuit of happiness and prosperity by every Citizen.

He is also on a MISSION to add value to life through good governance and purposeful leadership that creates prosperity and equal opportunity for everyone to develop his/her full potentials.

I personally believe a vision of development is critical for a any community and value for human capital development is the starting point.

On this, Amasenibo Blessing Ezekiel-hart intend to cultivate the many endowed opportunities and human resources Bonny has for a prosperous economic environment. In his words "Our Administration will encourage commerce and industrialization by creating partnership opportunities for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. We shall embark on massive strategic reorientation of our people for human capital development. We will encourage self-employment and initiate financial loans packages in collaborate with financial institutions/developmental partners to help entrepreneurs with special focus on vulnerable groups like women and youth. Small and Medium Scale Businesses and Co-operative Societies for Fishermen, Farmers, Trade etc, will be encouraged with soft loans".

On Education, what excites me is his plan to set up A Trust Fund Committee which would work with the Amayanabo-In-Council to re-launch the Bonny Educational Foundation Trust Fund of N5,000,000,000.00 (five Billion Naira) to enable us execute a 5-Year Educational Developmental Blue Print.

I could go on and on, but without any further doubt, I hope y’all will agree with me that a vote for Amasenibo Blessing Ezekiel-hart is indeed a vote for a new beginning for Bonny LGA.



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Wisdom Chapp-Jumbo

A Public Relations and Comms Specialist. Public Affairs Analyst Passionate about Leadership, Politics and Sustainable Development.