Over 50 Episodes — The Hangout Series with Wisdom Chapp-Jumbo hits 1 year

An episode with former House of Reps Members, Hon. Randolph Brown, Representing Bonny/Degema Constituency
Live on the Hangout Series with Godfrey Adejumoh, PR and Communications Expert and Consultant.
An episode with Chief Obiaruko Ndukwe, President/Founder, Citizens Quest For Truth Initiative. A politician and a vocal voice within the Niger Delta and Governance issues in Nigeria.
An episode with Ebenezar Wikina, founder, Policy Shapers. A media and public policy specialist
Sam Idowu was my very first Guest on the Hangout Series. A great friend and brother. He jumped on the idea the very moment I sold it to him.
  1. I have learnt so much professionally doing this for over 1 year now and after every episode, I am confident this is what I love doing. As a media personality which I strongly would like to say I have become through this platform, I will be more fulfilled doing more of this and giving the people a voice to these social issues.
  2. My next goal is to broaden my audience demography, do more on Youtube and upgrade some of my gadgets to be able to do more. I record with my laptop from the comfort of my house with a webcam. I would be so glad to get support or partnerships to get professional equipment to shoot every episode.
  3. I have not been able to properly track the impact of conversations from the show. This is an area I want to focus more on going forward. I say this because the feedbacks will make me improve and grow better. I really don’t know how Television and Radio stations do this with their programs but I am willing to invest in learning how this works and implement the same for the hangout series.
  4. I will be working on branding for the show. I say this because I am thinking long term and it is important how my followers remember what we do. Investing in creating a name, and design that identifies and differentiates what we do from others. I am very happy to work with partners on this too.
  5. Taking a step further to do this either on Television or Radio is an opportunity I am definitely open to. Exploring potential partnership opportunities to achieve this will mean a lot to me.



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Wisdom Chapp-Jumbo

Wisdom Chapp-Jumbo

A Public Relations and Comms Specialist. Public Affairs Analyst Passionate about Leadership, Politics and Sustainable Development.